In the Booth

Digital Projection

At Everything Cinema, we understand the need for digital projection. We also understand the difficulties that can come with converting a theater to digital. That's we take the pains to alleviate yours. We will work with you to determine the best projection solution to fit each individual auditorium. From the small independent art-house, to the most impressive 3-D large format auditorium, we will provide you with the solution that best lights your screen while fitting your budget. With options from top manufactures all over the world, we can provide projection that wows you audience with its precision and clarity.


At Everything Cinema, we want to provide your customers with sound they can feel. We believe in the quality of your sound. Louder is not always better. Working with the top manufacturers in the industry, we will provide you with a quality of sound that is unsurpassed. No matter the size of the venue, you'll be left with a sound that compliments the clarity and quality of even the most hi-definition digital projection.

Racks and Port Windows

At Everything Cinema, we know that the cinema experience includes more than just what you can see and hear. Even with the most state of the art equipment installed, there are countless other elements necessary to complete the experience. Even though they are often behind the scenes, they can't be overlooked. Integrating elements like sound racks, port windows, dimmers, and more are often the driving forces behind a complete experience for your customers. Let us at Everything Cinema help with these needs.