In the Auditorium

Frames and Screens

At Everything Cinema, we design, manufacture, and install some of the most widely used custom screen frames, employed by top theater chains all throughout the country. The goal in our design is to utilize every available inch of space and aspect radio to provide you with largest possible picture in each of your auditoriums. We also offer screens from world-leaders in screen technology to ensure you have the brightest, most luminous picture for all applications from the small, independent art film to the record-shattering, 3D summer blockbuster.

Custom Masking Systems

At Everything Cinema, we are industry leaders in innovative masking solutions. Coupled with our custom frames, or fabricated to fit your existing screen frames, our custom-made masking systems will transform the cinema experience for you and your customers. Fixed or movable, our maskings are manufactured out of the highest-quality aluminum to provide a solid, crisp picture-edge that will not warp or bow over time. Designed with optimal available picture in mind, our maskings will accommodate whatever format best suits your auditoriums and can be automated to change format on cue to inspire even more anticipation as the show begins.

Drapes and Wall Coverings

At Everything Cinema, we believe that the cinema experience doesn't only include what's onscreen. From the historic Art Deco theater to the most trendy Postmodern cinema, wall coverings play a huge roll in achieving the ambiance and appearance necessary to complete your theme. Working with you from start to finish, our design team will lay out a plan that perfectly captures not only the look, but the feel you wish to offer your customers. With a wide variety of colors and fabrics to choose from, your walls will be limited only to the scope of your imagination, and, with decades of industry experience, our design team can help with that too. Together, we can deliver a final product that wows your audiences even when the lights are up.


At Everything Cinema, we understand that comfort is one of the most important elements of the movie-going experience. Whether upgrading your current seating or installing seats in a new construction, we're here to help. With a wide range of options, we will work with you to select the perfect chair for your auditoriums. Sloped or stadium, any layout, from practical and affordable, to luxuriously extravagant, we offer the comfort that will keep your patrons coming back for years to come.


At Everything Cinema, we feel that lighting is tremendously important in delivering a memorable cinema experience. As the lights dim and the feature begins, the excitement builds. From dimmable LEDS and cleaning lights, to LED aisle and halo lighting, the lighting team at Everything Cinema will provide you with exactly what your auditorium needs. Offering state of the art lighting solutions, and industry leading design and installation, we can accommodate all your lighting needs.